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Jamaica Hospital Medical Center Uses Novel Integrative Health Approach for Post-COVID Care

Nov 11,2020

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in Queens is delivering an innovative integrative care model for recovering coronavirus patients. The hospital’s Post-COVID Care Center is going beyond routine medical evaluation to identify the underlying aspects of a patient’s life that may be affecting their recovery. During the initial evaluation, physicians are analyzing the broad range of symptoms that COVID-19 “long-hauler” patients are living with and promoting healing through an individualized, whole-person approach.

“Queens was the epicenter for COVID-19 in March and April, and many of our patients are still dealing with the effects of the virus,” said Alan Roth, DO, Chairman of Ambulatory Care and Family Medicine at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. “Their lingering symptoms are very real, but there is no singular medical treatment to offer yet. Our integrative approach looks beyond any one part of the body to treat the whole person.”

Evidence shows active viral infection usually lasts between five and 20 days, however some patients report symptoms lasting several months. For these long haulers, the most common lingering symptoms include fatigue, muscle and body pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, and headaches. Beyond these physical symptoms, many also report a variety of cognitive deficits, such as difficulty concentrating or focusing, commonly referred to as mental fog. Other patients suffer mental health ailments such as anxiety and depression.

Because of the varied symptoms these patients face, the clinic opted to adopt an integrative health approach at its Hollis Tudors family health center, taking a comprehensive assessment at all the life factors impacting a patient’s health, including their eating and sleeping habits as well as their daily activity level. A primary care physician evaluates the patient using an intake process known as the HOPE note, which stands for Healing-Oriented Practices and Environment. The HOPE interview evaluates the whole person and not just the illness to promote self-awareness and self-care. Then, the clinic provides primary care, mental health, and pulmonology services onsite with rapid referral process for other specialty care, such as cardiology, neurology and ENT practices to address specific needs.

“For many people, COVID-19 has become a chronic condition that needs to be managed through both medical care and lifestyle changes,” said Wayne Jonas, MD, executive director of the Samueli Integrative Health Programs and creator of the HOPE Note. “Social determinants of health and other important factors beyond medical care are strongly contributing to high rates of COVID-19 in certain communities. They’re also impacting how well people heal. We need to address the whole person as they look to recover from COVID, like we would with other chronic conditions.”

More information about the Post-COVID Care Center is available online at https://jamaicahospital.org/post-covid-care-center/. More information about the HOPE Note can be found at https://drwaynejonas.com/resources/hope-note/.


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