About Our Center

The Morton Safran Family Practice Center, conveniently located one block from Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, is a modern healthcare facility that serves as the primary care classroom for training and educating our Resident physicians. It features 34 examination rooms and four fully equipped procedure suites for office-based surgical procedures, full spectrum reproductive heath care, and osteopathic manipulation. Our electronic health record, EpicCare, is state-of-the-art.
Residents and Attending Physicians work side-by-side and are assisted by a strong support team compromised of medical assistants, patient navigators, a mental health counselor, a social worker, and administrative staff. Our Residents are responsible for the care of their own panel of continuity patients under the supervision of the Faculty. The center boasts a 4:1 ratio of Residents to Faculty and a consultative staff of sub-specialists.
With an annual census of more than 40,000 visits from our diverse community, each Resident has the opportunity to care for a wide variety of patients during their three years of training. Our Residents have full hands-on management of newborns, infants, children, adolescents, adults (including maternity care) and geriatric patients on a daily basis.

“Our community counts on us for life”

Our residency cares for the urban, underserved population of our “community classroom” affording us many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of our patients. Residents are trained to access community resources for their patients, interact effectively with the public health system and continually provide community education to those in need. Through active, longitudinal community involvement, our Residents are taught the skill of utilizing and understanding the complex interplay of community dynamics on health and behavior systems while learning how to consider patients in the broader social contexts of their lives. This community involvement includes, but is not limited to, activities at local churches, early intervention programs, senior centers, alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers, protective and support services for adults and foster care agencies. In addition, Residents also participate in our hospital’s extensive school-based health program.
We provide extensive cultural sensitivity training to our Residents which prepares them to optimally care for the diverse communities we serve. The cultural variations in healthcare behavior in the Latino, African American, Caribbean, Eastern European, and Asian communities of Queens and Southeastern Brooklyn are effectively understood and cared for by our diverse group of physicians.
Our residency program has a long tradition of responding to crises, both in our local area and our community-at-large. Our Global Health Program also responds to the needs of the global community. Our Residents and Faculty participate regularly in medical relief missions to underserved international locations including Guyana and most recently Kenya. The program’s academic affiliation with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine includes a PGYII Community and Social Medicine rotation at Montefiore Medical Center through their Department of Social and Family Medicine. This includes opportunities to provide health care to several marginalized populations such as the homeless, and persons transitioning from correctional facilities.
Our program’s focus on Community Medicine and the lessons learned from this aspect of our training has prepared us to confidently meet the emerging challenges of Family Medicine as our healthcare system evolves.