Welcome to Jamaica Hospital’s Dental residency Program

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center ‘s Department of Dentistry is proud to present this information which describes the mission and vision that our dedicated staff offers to our General Practice Residents (GPRs).

Behind the glass facade of our facility lies the dynamic formula for our past thirty years of success. Our outstanding staff meets the community’s dental health needs by providing the best care to our patients using the most modern and sophisticated equipment available in a state-of-the-art, patient friendly atmosphere.

Our administration is dedicated to teaching and as such we have over 30 highly committed attendings who, on a regular schedule, bring their many years of experience and expertise to assist our residents. We closely monitor each resident with the sole purpose of expanding his or her knowledge in the world of dentistry.

Many of our past residents have proven to be the dental leaders of the future. We are proud of the fact that former residents are now deans of dental schools, presidents of dental societies and organizations, associates and partners in successful practices, lecturers, and private practitioners. We are even more proud that many have chosen to remain members of our department as Attendings.

Graduation from dental school is only the first step in your dental career. By choosing Jamaica Hospital ‘s Dental Residency Program as your next step, you can be sure that you are on a path to excellence