Jamaica Hospital’s Department of Dental Medicine functions as a private practice. Care is provided on an ongoing basis including appropriate consultations by specialists. Residents perform medical risk assessment and provide treatment of multidisciplinary cases from start to finish, assuring continuity of care.

Residents also treat patients in the emergency room, operating room and our nursing home facility.

Residents participate in updated didactic lectures on a regular basis throughout the year, as well as interactive literature review and diagnosis sessions.

After the appropriate training period, residents are assigned to treat dental emergencies in the Emergency Room during the night. This on-call resident is scheduled on a rotating basis approximately three days a month.

As with all ADA approved residency programs,  residents rotate through the Departments of Medicine/Family Practice and Anesthesia for 70 hours. Residents are expected to participate in conferences and rounds presented during these rotations.

Courses are given in physical diagnosis and medical risk assessment as part of the medical rounds.

Towards the end of the year, the residents are provided with practice management information that will benefit their future endeavors.