Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship

House Staff Salaries
Fellows are paid as a PGY V resident, and salaries are competitive.
A meal allowance is provided to each resident.

House Staff Benefits

Jamaica Hospital provides all House Staff Residents with a comprehensive Health, Dental & Vision Benefit Plan.

The Plan is administered by the Voluntary Hospitals House Staff Benefits Plan (VHSBP) of the
Committee of Interns and Residents. Jamaica Hospital pays the entire cost of the plan whether
you are single or married with children, by making premium payments to Voluntary House Staff
Benefits Plan. The VHSBP coverage begins on the 1st of the month following your commencement of
employment, thus if you begin July 1st, coverage begins immediately. If you commence employment
mid-month, coverage commences the first day of the following month.

The Plan provides hospitalization coverage, medical, surgical and anesthesia benefits, including Doctor’s office visits and well-baby care. The Plan also provides catastrophic coverage. If you use physicians in the VHSBP network your co-payment charges will be minimal or if you go out of network, physicians may require copayments.

You will be issued a descriptive booklet explaining all of your benefits at orientation. Questions should be directed to the Benefits Office at (212) 725-5504.

Life Insurance

All house staff are eligible to become insured under the CIR’s Group Life Insurance Program, from the date of hire, which includes a double indemnity for Accidental Death and Dismemberment feature. Each member of the house staff will be insured for $125,000.

Supplemental Life Insurance

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center offers a supplemental life insurance program, which enables you to purchase Insurance for yourself, spouse, dependent children, and grandchildren. The entire cost is payroll deducted.

New York State Short Term Disability

Coverage under this program provides weekly benefits following the completion of the required period of continuous total disability (seven calendar days.) A house staff officer would receive New York State Disability Benefits of $170 per week would receive $80 from VHHSBP each week. Payments may continue while you are disabled for a maximum of 26 weeks.

Long Term Disability Insurance

The program is administered though the VHSBP. The program provides monthly payments following the completion of the required period of continuous total disability (three months). The amount of monthly income payable to a disabled individual is 60 percent of basic monthly earnings up to a maximum of $3,500 per month up to age 65. Payments may continue provided the disability continues for 60 months.

Tax Deferred Annuities

As an employee of a non-profit institution, you may have a portion of your salary deducted and deposited directly into one of several tax deferred annuity programs that the Medical Center participates in. No taxes, except F.I.C.A., would be taken out of these funds. You also receive the benefit of lower taxes by deferring part of your gross salary. The funds are subject to taxes upon withdrawals and may be subject to withdrawal penalties before age 59 1/2. These funds will earn high interest rates meant for your retirement or catastrophic needs. It is an excellent benefit that many employees participate in. Additional information can be obtained from the Benefits Department.

Additional Benefits

  • Discounted Parking
  • Uniforms (free laundry)
  • Vacation (4 weeks per year)
  • 12 paid sick days (per year)
  • 8 paid holidays (per year)
  • 4 personal days (per year)
  • 3 educational days
  • Complete Malpractice Coverage
  • Conference Stipend
  • Full Rx Drug Coverage
  • Generous, Maternity Leave Package
  • Educational Allowence ($800 per year)