There are many research projects in the department, led by our core faculty – both in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and in other areas. Fellows are encouraged to participate in research projects, including topics of their choosing. Core CL faculty will supervise the Fellows, along with support from our research division, who help formulate, conduct, and analyze these studies.


The Fellows will be involved in other scholarly activities, as well. These include teaching psychiatry residents, residents from other specialties, medical students and other trainees about Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry. They participate in performance improvement projects and incident reviews.


Fellows are encouraged to become members of our professional societies. They are encouraged to participate in local, regional, and national meetings. Presentations at these meetings are fully supported.



Fellows will have designated supervisors at each of the training sites, who are part of the core faculty. In addition to formal supervision, Fellows will discuss each of the consults they do with one of the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Attendings. All Psychiatry Attendings will be available 24 hours through the pager system to answer any questions Fellows may have.



Fellows will teach residents from the General Psychiatry Residency of Jamaica Hospital while they are on their Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry rotation. Fellows also teach formal classes in CL, as well as provide informal teaching through supervision of the residents’ cases. Fellows will also teach other trainees rotating through the department, including residents from other specialties and medical students.