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The Food and Nutrition Department at Jamaica Hospital provides outpatient nutrition services to patients at the hospital’s Ambulatory Care Center and many of the MediSys Family Care Centers conveniently located throughout the community. Our outpatient Registered Dietitians assist patients to grow their knowledge about nutrition, wellness and healthy eating. An appointment with the Registered Dietitian consists of a comprehensive nutrition assessment, nutrition education, behavior modification counseling and goal setting. Each goal established is individually tailored to patient’s specific nutritional and medical issues. Our outpatient Registered Dietitians specialize in weight management counseling, diabetes, as well as pediatric and prenatal nutrition.

In addition, our Family Medicine Center offers a multi-disciplinary diabetic program on Thursdays with a Diabetes Educator. The educator can help patients better manage their diabetes and achieve their blood glucose goals by providing behavior change counseling, self management techniques and nutritional guidance.

Nutrition services are provided weekly for both adults and children with the following conditions or health issues. Speak with your doctor too see if a referral is needed.

Patients with the following diseases or health issues can benefit from nutritional services:

Type I and Type II Diabetes
Cardiovascular Disease, including high blood pressure and high cholesterol
Obesity and Weight Management
Chronic Renal Failure
Failure to Thrive
Pediatric Obesity
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Food Allergies

Please call a health center in your area to make an appointment today. Most insurance plans are accepted.

MediSys - Richmond Hill - Family Medicine Center
133-03 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica NY 11418

Ambulatory Care Center
8900 Van Wyck Expressway, Jamaica NY 11418

MediSys - East New York
3080 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11208

MediSys - St. Albans
111-20 Merrick Blvd. St. Albans, NY 11433

MediSys - Hollis
188-03 Jamaica Avenue, Hollis, NY 11423

MediSys - Ozone Park (Clocktower) 91-20 Atlantic Avenue,
Ozone Park, NY 11421

Women’s Health Center
133-03 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica NY 11418


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